Table of Contents

Co-Op Makes Us Stupid!

Can Great Data + Great Buying Experience = Great Sales?

Industry Wake-Up Call: A Script Won't Help

Certified Me:  I Am Who I Am

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Internet Salespeople

The Road to the NO SALE!

If a Review is Written in the Great Forest of the Internet, and It Makes No SEO, Does Anybody Read It?

First, Do No Harm

Why At-Business Customer Reviews Make Sense

"Your Digital Lot" Series:  PPC - Get'em CLICKin' the Paint!

Yeah, I Said It.

Honestly, to Tell You the Truth, the Honest Truth is that We Aren't Here to Rip You Off!

Irregardless, the Copacetic Analyzation of, Like, Per Se, &@#%!

The Big Lies

The Day the Internet Stood Still

"Free", Like Freedom, Ain't Free!

It's Reputation MARKETING!


Your Digital Lot Sucks

From the Trenches:  Lies, Damned Lies, and Internet Experts

That Pesky Groupon Model Surfaces for Auto Sales . . .

Grand Theft Auto - Customer!

Shut Up and Help Me Convert!

My Online Advertising Gorilla Ate My Digital Homework

The Good Ol' Boy Network (GOBN) Limits Dealer Success

Reputation . . . "Managed"??