Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If a Review is Written in the Great Forest of the Internet, and It Makes No SEO, Does Anybody Read It?

This is a simple editorial:  STOP supporting the review sites that make you or your customers jump through hoops in order to use them.  Despite what the review site companies and some of your peers claim, NOT EVERY REVIEW SITE IS IMPORTANT FOR DEALERS.  
If you sell a hundred cars a month, we don't want to risk losing even ONE because of a bad review, right?  We have to fix that, right?  Even if the review site is ridiculous?  Even if the review site is not used much by car shoppers?  EVEN if our 2-stars on some random car-shopper review site is crushed by our 4 stars on five other indexing (SEO) car shopper sites?  Let's still help the review site fix their market, right?  Send all your customers THERE so that it BECOMES relevant to the search engines AND is an established Consumer Advocate review brand for car shoppers?  NO.
Does anybody else see how silly this is?  If not, I'm launching in some dusty corner of the Internet, getting reviews from folks claiming to be your customers, not allowing you to participate without paying me, making it hard for your customers to give real reviews, and sending all the negative reviews right to your dealer principal.
Oh.  Wait.  Except for the website name, that's already been done! 
Sheesh.  Please stop the madness!!!!!

by Keith Shetterly,

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved 

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