Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Are Your OWN Lottery!

You Are Your OWN Lottery!  What will you do to win it?

Will you call more customers to generate more sales?  Will you learn and practice more great sales techniques?  Will you make a plan for your future to bring you closer to financial independence—and as fast as possible?  Will you spend time on the weekends to expand your thinking of what you are able to do? 

Will you modernize and step UP to success rather than safely step sideways?

Let’s look at the math:  The last great lottery for over $500million had about a one-in-200million chance to succeed.

At about 17,000 franchise dealerships, do you think we could find 5 strong professionals each?  Make the number 5 x 17,000, or 85,000?  Let’s make it 100,000 just to be sure.  Okay, you want 200,000?  No problem.

That makes the odds for your personal lottery about one-in-200,000.  That’s ONE THOUSAND TIMES MORE LIKELY than the last Megamillions Lottery!!  One in 200,000.

These people all stepped UP and made millions:  Not all in sales, but all with the belief that working harder towards their own success was the way to break into the real game of success.  If you don’t believe you each have that “million dollar” idea somewhere inside you, then you limit yourself—and you probably DON’T have that idea for the success game.  and you need to!!  You must be the first to believe in your own success, because that will get you moving and also pull others along.  And then you gain momentum.  And an audience.  And then you are unstoppable.

So, how do you get your winning lottery ticket?  Do your best, and then make a big part of doing your best to always learn to be even better!  Modernize!  Aim for success!  ALWAYS.

One in 200,000??  That's WAYYY better odds than any other lottery you’ll ever buy a ticket for.

And the best part?  It's that YOU are the ticket to your own winning lottery.  Go get it!

by Keith Shetterly
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

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