Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Shetterly's Laws" Series . . .

The current dealership elements of the "Shetterly's 3 Laws of..." series are on the page "Read Shetterly's Laws" on this site.  This series is my attempt to boil down modern marketing, sales, technology, process, and such to the necessary essentials for a dealership, focused on increasing sales.  Adoption and Implementation of these sales-increasing items is too often slowed by overly-complex presentations and proposals that make what is really straightforward "meat and potatoes" seem so often like a plate of spaghetti!

This causes hesitation, and--as the surviving deer across America could tell us if they could talk--"hesitation kills".  And, in these days of rapid change in consumer behavior involving the Internet, mobile phones, etc., dealers cannot afford crippling (or business-deadly) hesitation.

And so I hope this series "Shetterly's 3 Laws of..." helps dealers understand those essentials necessary for their modern business needs in order to increase sales.  For more information, or to hire me to help your dealership, please email me at or call/text me at the phone number in the header of this site.

Thank you!

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