Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“Your Digital Lot” Series: PPC - Get’em “CLICKin’” the Paint!

Pay-per-Click (PPC) maps well to what we’ve done for years on our lots, but we don’t realize it:  We spend a lot of money getting visits and calls to a dealership, and we train our salespeople to land a customer on a car before starting the negotiation process in the store.  Get'em "lickin' the paint" as my first GSM told me.  And, once landed, do NOT lift them from the car!
Well, on PPC, we need to get'em "CLICKin' the paint":  The text of the PPC ad should be compelling "$6,500 off our Ford Super Duty TODAY!", etc.  And then the landing page for the PPC campaign is really a "conversion" page, where the point is to convert to a contact and to NOT leak away to other makes of cars . . . or to service . . . etc.  . . . because, as we taught our green peas, the customer has landed on a car (clicked in this case), and they need to see the offer and inventory and a way to contact us.  AND BE SURE TO PUT A PHONE NUMBER ON THE PAGE.  I can't stress enough that forcing folks to only use forms is not the way to go, especially in this case.  They need options on contact, but do NOT use your normal website header to provide options to contact service, see other makes and models, etc.  Why?
They’ve LANDED on a vehicle by CLICKING on a vehicle.  Don’t lift them off it!  Convert to the sale, preferably by a phone call and appointment.
And so endeth the lesson.  At least this one!

By Keith
Copyright 2011
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