Thursday, April 30, 2015

Work OuT

Get the First Part

Truth Here to See

Can't Yell Over Yourself

Copy of Your Resume

Don't Like Either of Them

Look Up to Heaven

Upside Down Life


Televism Cannibalism

Listen Up

Hidden in Plain Sight

Staggered and Disastered

No Tent Needed

Easy to Find Yourself

Never Been But Lotsa' Say

It Makes Me Really Conthought!

Read It All!

Not a Contest

Misplaced Gain

Ease Up True Believers!

Give a Giggle

Don't Care For Them

Dark Thought

Gettin' Paid

Endless Supply

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yes Maybe I Don't Know

Deliveries Every Day

True True

Giggle in Your Wiggle

Diet of Words


Who Do You Listen To?

We Get the Bill, Too

Just Do It

I Thought I Recognized Me

We Really Do Need It

Calm Saves

Shhhhhhh Not

Careful How You Are Eaten

Important Question

Warranty Work

More Than Penmanship

Hands on the Wheel!

More Than One

Big Responsibility

Turn It UP