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This is the personal automotive-professional blog of Keith Shetterly, Indepdendent Automotive Consultant.  Keith is available for advice and consulting on  modern multi-medium dealership marketing (on-and offline), reputation management, SEO and PPC, Internet sales and processes, BDC setup and operation, phone skills for sales and service, and websites; please contact Keith via   And see the services menu below.

Keith has been eCommerce Director for a 14-franchise three-location dealership group, was before that a very successful BDC Director and Internet Sales Manager, and he is now also the Editor of Coordinated Marketing for the largest dealer, vendor, and automotive  professionals website  Keith also held a session "Internet Alchemy:  Turning LEADS into Gold" at Brian Pasch's Automotive Marketing Bootcamp in Orlando, Florida, in April 2011 and participated in the upcoming PCG Pitstop Bootcamp Roadshow in 2012.  He can be reached at Also, follow Keith on Twitter @keithshetterly.

Keith is also available for on-site and off-site results-delivering consulting on the following items (please email for rates):

Services Menu
  • SEO/Social Media/Pay-Per-Click Fulfillment Audits - Did You Get What You Paid For?  And was it effective?
  • Website/Google Analytics review
  • Coordinated Marketing Review and Recommendation:  Website, Reputation Management, SEO, PPC, TV, Radio, Print
  • BDC Set-up and training, from live agent to Director
  • CRM/ILM process and email template scrub
  • Sales Phone Training "Thank You for Calling!"
  • Internet Lead, and Phone Process Revamp or Establishment
    • Periodic Process Oversight and Review
  • eCommerce Director training
  • Internet Marketing training
  • Other, as agreed

Deliverables Menu
  • Written BDC, Internet Lead, Sales, and Phone Process (including word tracks)
  • Written Coordinated Marketing Review and Recommendation
  • Written results from phone call recordings review
  • Any CRM email templates provided
  • All training documents used
  • Process Results Measurement report
  • BDC Results Measurement report
  • Online Advertising Audit results
  • Other, as agreed
Keith has worked with these lines:  GMC/Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler/DodgeJeep, RAM, Toyota/Scion, Hyundai, VW, Saturn, Ford, Suzuki, and more.

References available upon request!

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